Beryl & SAGE Pipelines

Technical information


Ancala Midstream own substantial interests in and operate the Beryl Pipeline, SAGE (Scottish Area Gas Evacuation) Pipeline and SAGE Terminal (SAGE System). The SAGE System is an integrated gas transportation and processing system with a nominal capacity of one thousand one hundred and fifty standard cubic feet of gas per day capacity from the Northern and Central North Sea. Gas is redelivered to shippers at the entry point into the National Transmission System at St Fergus and NGLs are redelivered to shippers at the entry point to the Forties onshore pipeline system and the SEGAL system.



The Beryl pipeline transports gas through a 30 inch nominal bore pipeline from the Beryl area to the SAGE pipeline wye in the Central North Sea where it connects to the SAGE pipeline transports gas from the Beryl pipeline and Brae pipeline 323 kilometres to the SAGE Gas Processing Terminal at St Fergus, about 48 kilometres north of Aberdeen.

The Beryl and SAGE pipelines have nominal capacity of 1100 million standard cubic feet of gas per day.


SAGE Terminal

The main SAGE Terminal at St Fergus nominal treatment and processing capacity of 1150 million standard cubic feet of gas per day in the main plant. In 1995 the SAGE Terminal Expansion (STE) was added providing a further nominal capacity of 840 million standard cubic feet of gas per day.

Capacity Summary

Main SAGE Terminal 1150 mmsf/d
STE 840 mmscf/d
NGL capacity 5300 tonnes/day
CO2 Capacity 2500 tonnes/day
H2S gas treatment >3ppm



The SAGE System can be accessed by shippers through new or existing infrastructure such as:

  • Alvheim
  • Alvheim tee
  • Beryl platforms
  • Brae pipeline system
  • Britannia platform
  • Edvard Grieg platform
  • Golden Eagle
  • Gryphon
  • MacLure
  • Scott

1  Britannia to St Fergus

2  Golden Eagle to Ettrick PLEM 6” – 18.5km

Ettrick ‘Hot Tap’ 12” – 85.8km from St. Fergus Spare 12” Connection

4  Ettrick to ‘Hot Tap’ 6” – 6km

5  Scott ‘Tee’ 16” – 148km from St. Fergus & Subsea Pig receiver

6  Cromarty to Atlantic Flowline 12” – 12km

7  Atlantic to St. Fergus Flowline 16” – 80km

8  Scott to ‘Tee’ 10” – 13km

9  Brae ‘Wye’ – 240km from St. Fergus

10  Brae Crossover to Wye 30” – 23km

11  Brae Crossover 350m from E Brae

12  Brae B to E Brae 18” – 14.6km

13  Tee 16” – 312km from St. Fergus 13.3km from Beryl A

14  Leadon Pipeline System (LPS) Gryphon to Beryl A 16” – 21km

15  SSIV Assembly

16  New PLEM (connects to spare 12” branch in Alvheim PLEM

17  Edvard Grieg to Alvheim PLEM 16” – 93km

18  Multiphase pipeline – 8km

19  Alvheim to SAGE Tee 14” – 38.5km


Available Capacity

These capacities may be subject to change if existing and future requests for capacity give rise to firm agreements. Any application would be subject to detailed process modelling of the overall SAGE Terminal to ensure operability.

It may be possible to increase the ullage available or alter the entry specifications by de-bottlenecking the SAGE Terminal. SAGE Owners would be prepared to investigate the potential on the basis that applicant fund both the necessary engineering studies and any subsequent modifications to the Terminal.


N No capacity

< 5%

< 5% to 25%

> 25%


Beryl Pipeline

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SAGE Pipeline

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SAGE Terminal (Main)

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SAGE Terminal Expansion (STE)

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New Acquisition

New Acquisition

20th November 2017 Ancala Midstream is pleased to announce completion of its acquisition of SAGE North Sea Limited from Apache Beryl 1 Limited.

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